Hosting. The critical infrastructure for your online business. Your hardware, software, cloud and bandwidth need to be taken care of. If these do not work – your business is dead – at least for a while. Therefore, we see hosting a little bit as the aorta of the future.

Normally, success for a traditional hosting business is related to high volume of clients, very low entry fees, recurring purchases and a very slim support. Even if hosting providers serve you with VPS, co-location, extra disk and bandwidth, there are not similarities all over.

Internet Vikings services are for Internet Professionals only. And there are quite few of you out there. Internet Vikings will never be a mainstream and standardized partner. We always strive to be a cutting edge partner. And do so by delivering cutting edge techology and data to our professional clients.

Despite the fact that we have racks to fulfill the hosting need you might have, it is the combination of our domain software and diversified IPs that attract most of our hosting clients.

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